Bishop Water’s BioCord™ Reactors have made their way to South America as part of a new distribution agreement with Novatech.

Novatech—a rapidly growing Chilean company that specializes in solutions for aquaculture, slurry dewatering using Geotube® containers, and geotextiles for road construction—will add Bishop BioCord Reactors to its solutions portfolio.

This will enable Novatech to begin offering a simple, low-energy biological nutrient removal system for communities of all sizes and for industrial applications in sectors such as mining, food processing, and agriculture.

BioCord is a fixed-film treatment process that uses strands of densely arranged loops of polymer fibres to provide a massive surface area on which preferred, naturally occurring bacteria can grow. The reactors can be installed directly into a wastewater lagoon or conventional activated sludge tank, helping to keep capital costs low while dramatically increasing treatment capacity and performance, according to Bishop Water.

“There are hundreds of small communities and industrial sites in Chile that are in need of a new wastewater treatment plant, or performance improvements to their existing plant, to comply with increasingly stringent discharge regulations,” said Gerardo Marti, managing director of Novatech. “BioCord reactors are an ideal way to provide an affordable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-operate nutrient removal process that will perform as well or better than more costly and more complex alternatives.”

Image Credit: Bishop Water

BioCord’s modular design enables the system to be customized to fit virtually any type of secondary treatment process and to handle the anticipated flow and loading parameters, according to Bishop Water. As treatment needs change, additional BioCord Reactors can be added easily.

“We are very excited to see BioCord Reactors introduced to the Latin American market through Novatech,” said Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water Technologies. “BioCord Reactors are now distributed in three continents, demonstrating the importance and acceptance of this unique technology as a reliable, low-energy, and affordable wastewater treatment option for new plants or to upgrade existing systems.”

Novatech will also offer BioCord as part of an integrated treatment system where Geotube containers can provide a simple solids management process followed by BioCord Reactors to efficiently and cost-effectively remove nutrients from the filtrate.


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